Monroe County Constable's Association

"A regional association representing Constable's from Monroe, Carbon, Northampton, Pike, Luzurne, Lackawanna, Bucks, & Wayne Counties"

Mission Statement

The Monroe County Constable's Association is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization comprised of Elected & Appointed Constables & Deputies. Our mission is to promote and protect the long standing office of the Constable within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by providing resources and quality training opportunities to Constables and their Deputies, all while making best efforts for Constables to be able to work closely with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and become actively involved in their communities with activities that educate the public and to promote the suppressing of crime through effective community policing.

Where we meet

The Monroe County Constable's Association has monthly membership meetings that are held at the Monroe County Public Safety Center located conveniently off Route 33 at 100 Gypsum Rd., Stroudsburg, PA 18360. We meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 1830Hrs. For members, our meetings are also simulcast from the Safety Center via Zoom so all our members are able to participate in meeting no matter where they may be at.

We are not solely a County Association!

The Monroe County Constable's Association started out as a County Association open only to Elected and Appointed Constable's from Monroe County. Eventually, the progress and achievements of our association started to get noticed by Constables from other Counties, and as such we had an influx of Constables from other Counties who wanted to join to be a part of our great team working to improve the Office of Constable. As such, we started accepting Constables and Deputy Constables from other Counties into our membership Ranks, and we are proud to be a Regional Association currently representing Constable's from Monroe, Carbon, Northampton, Pike, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Bucks, and Wayne counties. While we will accept Constables from any part of the state, we are best able to serve Constables in our regional area as we are actively involved with these counties on a regular basis.

(Green: Current Membership demographic map)

Membership Benefits

The Monroe County Constable's Association is proud to offer its membership a great deal of support. Through our fundraising efforts, we have been able to provide various training/certification courses to our members at little to no cost. Aside from many training opportunities, we have also been able to assist many Constable's by equipping them with equipment such as Tasers, Two-Way Radios, Body Cameras, Bullet Proof Vests, and First Aid Kits. We also provide our member with a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 for business Suite, and a free professional association email account. As you can see we work hard to do our best to help our Constables obtain the knowledge, and tools to be safe, and successful while they preform their duties to the public.

Our leadership is always working hard with other local, county, state officials and law enforcement agencies in order to promote the office of Constable and open up more work opportunities for Constables.