Monroe County Task Force & Accreditation Program

Constable Accreditation

The Monroe County Constable's Association is proud to work with Office of the District Attorney. Through our partnership with the District Attorney's Office the Monroe County Constable Task Force and Accreditation Program has been organized.

The program is for qualified constables who are interested in broadening their participation in Monroe County’s criminal justice system. In addition to the duties and responsibilities as defined in Title 44 Chapter 71 (Constables), members of the Task Force are provided the opportunity to work with other local law enforcement agencies providing support such as security during the execution of search warrants, subpoena service, warrant service, prisoner transport, and other special assignments. Fees for these duties are covered in Section 6 (pages 14 and 15) of the Task Force manual.

To qualify for membership in the Monroe County Constable Task Force, eligible constables and deputy constables are required to complete additional training. Qualifications and additional training requirements are outlined in the Monroe County Constable Task Force & Accreditation Program Manual.

If you qualify and would like to become a member of the Task Force complete the membership application and forward it to the attention of the MCCTF Coordinator, Constable Richard Salter III by email at

Initial Requirements

  1. Be a duly elected or appointed Pennsylvania State Constable or Deputy Constable in Monroe County.
  2. Possess certification from the Constables Education and Training Board.
  3. Post a bond with the Monroe County Clerk of Courts, as required by law.
  4. Possess and maintain professional liability insurance as defined in the manual.
  5. Possess a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license.
  6. Possess and maintain firearms certification as defined in 44 Pa. C.S.A. §7148.

Why Join the Task Force

  • Become a member of an elite cadre of law enforcement professionals.

  • Enhanced training opportunities.

  • Work closely with other members of the law enforcement community.

  • Earn additional income.

To obtain MCCTF accreditation
  1. Submit to an MMPI & Medical Examination (Requirement waived for Constables with Current Act 235 Certification)
  2. Obtain certification in CPR and basic first aid.
  3. Complete additional training courses in:
    -Traffic control
-Fire Police training-Hazardous materials awareness-Introduction to the National Incident Management System (NIMS)-Introduction to Incident Command Systems (ICS)-Mandated Reporter training-Naloxone Administration*All of the above training courses are available online and free of charge.

MCCTF Constable Review Board

Members of the Monroe County Constable Task Force must agree to be bound by the requirements defined in the Manual.

Section 5 (pages 13 and 14) define the duties and requirements for members of the Constable Review Board.

The Review Board consists of 6 individuals (two accredited constables, two members from the law enforcement community, and two citizens who have no formal or contractual involvement with the law enforcement profession).

If you are interested in serving on this board please submit a letter of interest directly to the Monroe County Office of District Attorney.